I founded Catch the 22 in 2020 when, like most of us, I found myself with some extra free time. At that point, I was looking for the perfect Peyton Manning canvas to decorate my home but couldn’t find one that was just right. That’s when I decided to rediscover my passion for painting. I started creating the ideal Peyton Manning composition for my own space. Word quickly got out and friends and family started asking for their own paintings to celebrate special birthdays, mark milestones, give unique presents and decorate their space. It rapidly snowballed and more orders came in, like a giant mural project for a world renowned restaurant in Edinburgh. The next logical step was to create a website to showcase my work and give you the opportunity to order your own custom artwork; for that space in your home that needs a little (or big) something, or to make someone’s day extra special. In my shop you’ll also be able to buy prints of my work as well as cards and even some of the originals.